Where Finland, Russia and Norway meet
By Jelle

We just came back from a hike to the tri border point, where Finland, Russia and Norway meet. Its a long and tedious 30 km drive along a dirt road through virgin pine forest to a parking spot. From there you have to walk another 5 km to the border. As soon as we reached the parking place a Norwegian soldier appeared out of the bushes. He told us he would be relaying to another soldier that we would be walking to the border. It all sounded very serious, but the guy seemed friendly enough. The hike took us about an hour. Part of the road was through a swamp, but this is Norway, so the track was neatly covered by planks so we didn’t get wet feet. After an hour the planks ended in a kind of roundabout. From there it was a climb up to the border, where two soldiers, a young boy and girl, were waiting for us. The guy explained how the border works, as you can see on the video. They were there for four hours already. It looked comfortable enough, with a fireplace with a teapot on it. Normally, borders are places with stress and seriousness. This was the first time a trip to the porder was a fun affair.

You can experience the border in 360 degrees via this link

At the tri border point